As readers, we often find ourselves drawn to the familiar – the bestsellers, the award-winners, the books that everyone is talking about. But what about the stories that aren't being told? The voices that are being silenced or overlooked?

In this web story, we're going on a journey to discover some of the most powerful and thought-provoking literature being written by authors from underrepresented and marginalized communities.

From writers of color to LGBTQ+ authors, from individuals with disabilities to those from different cultural backgrounds, these are the voices that need to be heard. We'll start with books that tackle the difficult topic of race in America.

Titles such as "The Water Dancer" by Ta-Nehisi Coates, "The Vanishing Half" by Brit Bennett, and "An American Marriage" by Tayari Jones offer a nuanced and honest look at the ways in which racism and discrimination shape the lives of their characters.

From "Less" by Andrew Sean Greer, a humorous and heartwarming novel about a gay man in his fifties, to "The Argonauts" by Maggie Nelson, a memoir that explores gender and parenthood in a non-traditional family, these books offer a fresh and authentic perspective on the LGBTQ+ experience.

We'll also take a look at literature that shines a light on the experiences of individuals with disabilities. "The Lightness" by Emily Temple is a powerful and evocative novel about a young woman with chronic pain, while "The Memory of Souls" by Jenn Lyons is a fantasy novel featuring a main character with a developmental disorder.

Lastly, we'll explore literature from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds, highlighting the unique perspectives and experiences of authors from around the world. From "Girl, Woman, Other" by Bernardine Evaristo, which tells the interconnected stories of twelve black British women,

 to "The Memory Police" by Yoko Ogawa, a dystopian novel set in a society where certain memories are systematically erased, these books offer a window into cultures and experiences that may be unfamiliar to many readers.

 By reading literature from underrepresented and marginalized voices, we can gain a deeper understanding of the world around us and the people in it. So come join us on this journey of discovery as we uncover some hidden gems in the literary world