Grave Mercy

Robin LaFevers: Grave Mercy Book Review

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Welcome back, teen fiction. While trying to be a quasi-adult and read adult-like things (well, not adult-like things, because I haven’t read anything really dirty in a while), I have missed you a little.

Ismae is only a young pup when she is sold to a disgusting, abusive man to be his wife. When he discovers her secret (a nasty red scar on her back that marks her as Death’s daughter), he flips his shit. Ismae has been whisked away to safety and brought to the coolest convent ever—St. Mortain’s, where they serve Death.

Grave Mercy

Ismae is trained to become an assassin to serve Death, however it is deemed necessary, and is given a smattering of murderous goodies, including garrote bracelets (Badass!).

Her first mission: spy on Duval, a handsome dude smackdab in the center of a political uprising. The catch? She also may have to assassinate him. The other catch? She kinda digs him.

I don’t think I’m too keen on reading the other two books, which are both told from another girl’s perspective. It works for the Lunar Chronicle novels, but I don’t know if it will work for these ones.

Not really wanting to know anything about the other girls—kind of itching to see what goes on with Ismae and Duval— Because I’m a creep, yo. This one is wordy and long.

It’s worth a read though if you can get past some of the predictable cheesiness. Seriously, you should read it for the garrote bracelets and various other concealed weapons alone.

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