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Robert Galbraith’s The Silkworm Book Review

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The Silkworm

I don’t know how I became a fan of mysteries again. Likely due to these Cormoran Strike novels, I suppose. I used to LOVE mysteries. And by mysteries, I mean that Mary Higgins Clark used to be my preteen jam.

Her Stillwatch novel was the first adult book I ever ordered from Scholastic. (But like seriously, how was that even an option to order?!?) I devoured many of her books (and typically figured out who the killer was at the beginning due to her cookie-cutter plots).

But, enough reminiscing. Back to this book.

Cormoran is back. This time, Strike and his faithful sidekick, Robin, are hired to track down the ghosted Owen Quine, a super pompous writer extraordinaire, by Quine’s wife.

He’s disappeared before, but typically comes home with his tail between his legs soon after. But there is more than meets the eye to this case, when Strike discovers that Quine has completed his latest novel – complete with rank and divisive characterizations of himself, his friends and coworkers.

When Quine is found in a similar situation to his self-penned persona, Strike and Robin must uncover who had the most to lose.

I will admit, this novel is my least favourite of the bunch. Likely due to its confusing as all hell characters.

It reminded me of Game of Thrones, in that I needed a character cheat sheet listed in the back (Seriously, I used that list in GoT likely a million times). It was dark and twisty and angsty, but didn’t grab me like the previous book.

It’s still a far cry from Harry Potter, though.

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