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Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson


The book Rework is actually a business book I really like this book and I’m a huge fan of Business books these guys are just such realistic that I think that they kind of hit home with me and I think they’ll get home with a lot of other coaches.

Just kind of how they break everything down they get into how failure is not a right of passage meaning you shouldn’t be proud that God failed at this I felt like that and it led me to creating a great business.

This book says about making it work don’t be happy that your failing at something just because you are putting in countless hours doesn’t mean that you are good.

Also it says about not overworking yourself that putting in a good amount of work is great but not over doing it.

Rework is a book that show how it is not always a must to have tons of cash and other resources to start a business.

About the Book

Reimagine the way you work. There are lot of things that we do in our everyday lives, in our work, that are challenged by this book. Don’t work, do rework and reimagine your work.

For example- ASAP is poison. If your boss asks you to do a piece of work, and you say “Yes Boss, ASAP. As soon as possible!”, this book says – and I believe in that – that whatever we say as soon as possible, we aren’t actually making a commitment.

We are not making a commitment because what is soon for me may not be the same for you, whatever is soon for you may not be as urgent for me.

So this is nothing but a fancy term, and has no value, no meaning, and absolutely no measurement. So you should always, for instance, ask that when is it that you want this to be done?

So the next time you get a task, you should ask when do they want it to be done? And then you ask them, if you can do it by this time, and if not, what is the other piece of work that I need to drop.

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