If I Fall, If I Die

Michael Christie: If I Fall, If I Die Book Review

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Do I typically read a lot of Canadian authors? Sadly, not really, with the exception of Miriam Toews. Being a teen fiction addict, it’s sadly tough for me to get hooked on a contemporary adult book. This is nuts – because I used to ONLY READ contemporary adult fiction like ever.

For some reason, Christie’s book jumped off the long list for me. I somehow missed the rush of holds and got my copy pretty quickly. It fell to the bottom of my TBR pile, and I did manage to get to it. Yay!

If I Fall, If I Die

Will has grown up in Toronto, Cairo, New York, and Paris, but has never left his house. Will’s mom, Diane, is fiercely agoraphobic, leaving Will’s world limited to their Thunder Bay home, with rooms named after world-famous capital cities. One day, Will hears a noise outside and heads out in a helmet to investigate.

He meets Marcus, a neighborhood boy, who is never seen again. Will gets a taste of freedom and enrolls himself in school. There he befriends Jonah, an aboriginal skateboarder, and sets off on his mission to find Marcus.

Christie’s writing is beautiful and lyrical. I can rarely say that about a book. It was an interesting take on mental health issues and fears. The ending was slightly twisty and I didn’t predict it. Ended up somewhat cutesy, which I didn’t see coming.

I dug this book. Sad that it didn’t win the Giller.

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