All the Rage

All The Rage Book Review

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All the rage

Gasp. There are some times when the library holds gods that do not shine upon me. I have finished a book and am stuck waiting for another. Yeah, I could pull one of the hundred TBR books from the shelves and read it… Or I could creep through the eBooks that are available online until I find one that I can read right then and now that sounds remotely interesting.

This is exactly how I came upon All the Rage by Courtney Summers.

We meet Romy, a girl from the wrong side of the tracks. We don’t meet Kellen Turner, but we learn a lot about him. The town’s golden boy isn’t so golden after forcing himself upon Romy.

But no one believes her, so Romy is left to build up walls around her and continue on with high school. Romy creates a secret life for herself working at a diner in another small town, where no one knows her story.

But when a popular girl, who is linked to both Romy and Kellen, turns up missing after the annual high school bush party – the town takes notice.

So. This book tackles a pretty tough subject. Does it do it well? Maybe…

This entire book is filled with bullying — bullying of Romy for having a drunk dad, being a slut, being a liar. Romy’s mom’s new boyfriend is bullied because he has a disability.

These people are dicks. The whole idea of people not believing a rape victim isn’t new. The whole idea of the separation of classes isn’t new.

I don’t know how I feel about it. The ending of the book is touted as shocking – but I almost want to call it lazy. Summers leaves a trail of breadcrumbs throughout the story, which doesn’t pan out.

Maybe it was trying to be twisty. I feel like it was blah. The characters weren’t super developed. You never really get a good sense of Romy – she is too busy applying her armor of red lipstick and nail lacquer.

I give some shits about this book but not a ton. It’s okay. At best.

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