Top 3 Must-Read Pregnancy Books For New Moms

These are the top five must-read pregnancy books for new moms. Some of these books are audiobooks, some of them are eBooks, and some of them are physical books.

So basically, this small list is perfect for everyone, whether you are an ebook person, a physical book person, or someone who only loves to listen to audiobooks.

In this list, we are focusing more on books that are enjoyable rather than instructional or informational.

By means of instructional or information, what we mean is that a few days back we made a list of the Top 3 Must-Read Books for Moms, which includes e-books that contain a few tips and solutions to the problems that every new mom faces.

Top 3 Must-Read Pregnancy Books For New Moms

1) How Not To Hate Your Husband After Kids

How Not To Hate Your Husband After Kids

If you are going to be a mom, the one thing that is really going to change is the relationship between you and your husband, no matter what.

But don’t take it the wrong way. If you know what exactly is going to change, you can actually build a stronger relationship with your husband after the kids.

But how will you know what is going to change between you and your husband? This book exactly describes the own experience of Jancee Dunn, who is the author of the book after her kids in a humorous way.

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2) You Are a F*cking Awesome Mom

You Are a F*cking Awesome Mom

The only name of the book might be charged you up. But the thing I like the most about this book is it has amazing customer reviews.

I just can post any screenshot of the reviews from the official site due to some copyright issues but here is someone just said about this book in customer reviews

There’s a baby bible, but this is the mama bible. (MUST HAVE)

— Verified Reader of the book

This book is available in 3 different formats on Amazon: paperback, Kindle, and audiobook.

I would suggest going with an audiobook because if you are new, you will get it for FREE with an Audible trial period.

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3) Nutrition in Pregnancy

Nutrition In Pregnancy
Nutrition In Pregnancy

This is one of the most essential pregnancy books for new moms. This book will cost you anywhere between $2 and $3, and I would recommend buying this book and reading it at least once.

This book will guide you through the basics of nutrition that you are going to need for the next few months.

Here is a list of the first few chapters of the book:

  1. What You Should Eat What You Should Not Eat Duringwhile Pregnancy
  2. In What is the First Trimester Pregnancy Nutrition 
  3. Nutrition Guidelines for Healthy Pregnancy
  4. Guide On What Not to Eat When You are Pregnant.
  5. A Complete Pregnancy Diet Plan That Works 
  6. How to Make Whole Food Vitamins Part of Your Pregnancy Diet
  7. Eating Iron-Rich Foods to Eat During Pregnancy.
  8. 5-Key Principles to Pregnancy Nutrition
  9. Nutrition for a Healthy Mom and Baby
  10. I am Pregnant – Should | Eat Differently Now?
  11. and much more

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So these were the Top 3 Must-Read Pregnancy Books For New Moms. I hope I helped you to find something amazing for you!

If you are going to be a mom or already a new mom then I strongly recommend you to check out “Top 3 Must-Read Books For Moms’.

If you going to read these books one by one then make sure to save the pin image given below on your Pinterest to access it easily whenever you need it.

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Top 3 must-read pregnancy books for new moms

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