Books for Beginners to Read (Popular Edition)

These are some of the best “Books for Beginners to Read.” If you want to build your reading habit and are looking for some good quality books that are engaging and easy to read for beginners, then I’ve got you.

If you’re a beginner or even a non-reader for that matter, then this article is just for you because in this article I’ll be recommending five easy books which you can read and also flaunt on your Instagram stories for others to think that you’ve become a reader yourself.

So the thing about reading is that people think that they can never become readers because it’s very boring, it’s not to their taste, it’s very tiring, and they can never finish a book.

But my answer to all these people is that you’ve just not come across the right book for you.

Another thing is that people think that readers are just born readers and fall in love with reading just like that.

Trust me, no one is a born reader. I was not a born reader. I never used to read in school or when I was a kid. It was later, and now there isn’t a day when I don’t read a book.

Books for Beginners to Read

Best Books for Beginners for read
Best Books for Beginners to read

1) Think Like a Monk By Jay Shetty

Think like a monk book review
Think like a monk book review

So yeah, let’s move ahead with the story. So, thinking like a monk is a compilation of all the stories. The teachings

In my opinion, this book is very suitable for beginners because it’s a compilation of all the non-fiction books out there.

If you haven’t read a non-fiction book, you will feel that “oh my God, this is a treasure.”

There are so many things which you can apply to yourself, and the best thing about this book is that it’s written by Jay Shetty, who himself is quite young, so the writing style is very easy, so you can just go for it.

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2) The Kite Runner

The kite runner book review
The kite runner book review

Now, this next book I added especially to make you fall in love with reading, and that is The Kite Runner.

One of the best novels ever written. This is a story that will move you into tears. This novel plays with your emotions; at times you may feel happy, cheerful, and at other times you will just feel like losing it.

That’s the part this novel has. That’s why I am recommending it to you. The writing is very easy, so you can just go for it even if you’re a beginner.

Now the story is about two boys named Amir and Hassan who both live in Kabul. Though Hassan is Amir’s servant son, their bond is unbreakable.

They are like two brothers; they’re best friends with each other and they’re completely loyal, but one day, Amir, in a situation, betrays Hassan.

He cannot let go of that guilt, and he wants to keep it. He wants to do the right thing. He wants to change that past, and the story becomes a quest for his redemption.

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3) The Girl On The Train

The girl on the train
The girl on the train

The story is about a woman named Rachel, who is an alcoholic, unstable, and unreliable person. This happened because she got divorced from a man named Tom, who cheated on her with another woman.

But her life changes when one day she finds out that a woman named Megan Hipple, whom she follows or follows and observes daily on a train through her window, has just disappeared.

Now the book is one of the best in terms of who did it, like who is the murderer. After every 20 or 50 pages, I was like, “Maybe this character has the motive; maybe he may have done it.” Oh my God, it’s such a page-turner novel and it’s very easy to read, so yeah, do pick it up.

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4) The Silent Patient

The silent patient book review
The silent patient book review

The next book is again a suspense thriller, and it is The Silent Patient, and oh my god do I need to talk about its ending.

I was totally shocked who wasn’t shocked after the ending and the writing is just so easy, it’s one of the easiest to read.

I read it in just one sitting. I guess this is that great of a book, so yeah, highly recommended to beginners, especially

This book follows the story of a woman named Alicia who has been admitted into a mental asylum and has turned silent after being accused of the murder of her husband.

So, uh, a new psychiatrist named Theo joins this mental asylum just to get her talking because he finds her case very amusing and he really wants her to get into talking.

The story is much more than that. Trust me, I mean the ending. I was like, I turned on to the page and I was like, “How can this happen? How can I miss it? I mean, yeah, did this really happen? ” So yeah, The Silent Patient is a must for you to read.

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5) Ready Player One

Ready Player one book review
Ready Player one book review

The next book that I have for you is a sci-fi thriller. Yeah, I do have a lot of thrillers because I feel that thrillers are really addictive and very easy to read, especially for beginners.

So the next thriller I have is Ready Player One, one of the best sci-fi novels I’ve read, though I’ve not read a lot of sci-fi novels. Yeah, this is a very addicting novel.

I mean, just read the blurb and you will be addicted to this novel.

The story is sci-fi, so it’s set in the future. It talks about 2044, where the world is ending, there’s poverty, and everyone is just not in a good state.

But then there’s another world, this virtual reality world named “os,” where everything is fine, which was built by James Holliday, and that person, that owner, just died one day without leaving an air

Before dying, he made this game, and whoever wins this game will not only get control of the oasis but also all the fortune.

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Books for beginners to read
Books for beginners to read

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