3 Best Self-Help Books To Read (Must Read Edition)

When it comes to the best self-help books, there are thousands and thousands of self-help and self-improvement books out there. You could read them all, but you’d probably waste a lot of time, money, and energy.

So to help you save time in this collection of self-help books, here are just three that are some of the best when it comes to the self-help book category.

The books that I am recommending today are the ones that are the most unforgettable, most life-changing, and most powerful for me and for many others.

3 Best Self-Help Books To Read

1. How To Live


Derek Sivers

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Going to the Book of How to Live is a bit like going to a theme park and riding every single ride there is.

You should read this book for two reasons:

  1. Number one, it cuts out all the fluff to the point that you can read it in just an hour or two.
  2. Number two, it’s a book of 27 different ideas about how to live your life.

One chapter will be all about doing what you feel like in the moment and never planning or looking too far ahead, and then the next chapter is purposely about the opposite, about how you should think long term.

You should plan for the future and delay your gratification. My personal takeaway from reading this book was that we have this library of competing ideas and values about how we want to live.

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2. The Chimp Paradox


Dr. Steve Peters

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You absolutely have to read The Chimp Paradox, and you’ll get crazy value from it.

It’s one that my regular readers know because I reference it often. Renowned psychiatrist Dr. Steve Peters is a man who has worked at the most elite level with footballers, Olympic athletes, and more on how to control your brain and succeed better.

In this book, Dr. Steve breaks down those same cutting-edge insights for you and me.

I just love the concept behind the book: that each of us houses a psychological chimp inside our brain, primitively reacting to the world.

causing us to act emotionally rashly and irresponsibly, similar to a baby chimp.

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3. Why am I no longer talking to white people about race?

Why am I no longer talking to white people about race?


Reni Eddo-Lodge

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This book has gotten 40.000 plus reviews on Goodreads and, across these countless reviews, it consistently maintains an average of 4.43 out of 5.

  • What does this have to do with motivation, mindset, and self-improvement?
  • Why are you writing about politics?
  • What Does It Have to Do with Race?
  • Why can’t you live that out on this list?
  • Why can’t you be political?

Well, to quote her words directly from the book, in case you are wondering why not seeing race does little to deconstruct racist structures or materially improve the conditions to which people of color are subjected daily,

We must understand race in order to dismantle unjust racist structures. We must see who benefits from the race, who is disproportionately impacted by negative stereotypes about their race, and on whom power and privilege are bestowed, whether you’ve earned it or not.

Seeing race is essential to changing the system. The mess we’re living in is a deliberate one. If it was created by people, it could be destroyed by people.

It can be rebuilt in a way that serves all, rather than just a selfish, hoarding few. Every person who speaks out against racism weakens it. We can’t afford to stay silent.

I am including this book in this best self-help book because it gave me the profound realization that there is no such thing as not being political.

Politics has a huge impact on our lives in a variety of ways. It’s not something that happens only in all the ways of power.

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